We want every day spent rotating around the sun to be as carefree as it should be. We believe in devoting our time to things that matter, like our planet, our loved ones, and creating and sharing culture rather than worrying about how our time outdoors while manifesting these ideals may harm our health.
This is why we use textiles to deflect sunbeams on clear and overcast days for individuals looking to prevent health issues caused by skin exposure to damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
We create products that effortlessly become part of a person's unique wardrobe for UPF 50+ protection all day, every day.



At Florescnt, we care, protect, and create.
We value honesty, accountability, inclusivity, and ingenuity.
We cherish time spent outdoors on our planet's magnificent and diverse landscapes. Additionally, a significant reason for Florescnt's conception is the effects of climate change on skin cancer statistics; because of this, we are committed to contributing to environmental conservation efforts.
And above all, we aim to raise awareness for skin cancer, its detection, and its prevention to make known that it is the most common type of cancer but that it is also the only preventable form of cancer. We intend to reduce the 91.3M cases of melanoma diagnosed every year in the United States and prevent the deaths caused by late detection.